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Call of duty Mobile S13 updates - Good bye to S12

Call of duty Mobile shared the detail of its massive upcoming updates on different social platforms and also, detailed the events of Season 12(S12) which is going to be part of Season 13(S13) for some weeks. 

Let's have quick look at the information shared by the official Call of duty mobile:

New Maps

The "Brand New NukeTown Map" is coming into the call of duty mobile, which looks like Black Ops 4 snowy version of NukeTown and expected to something similar to that.

The new winter NukeTown Map

Christmas Holiday Special Map: If you remember from the past year we had a similar type of Christmas Holiday Map Last year, we have to look forward to if that is the same prop hunt Special Christmas Event coming back or something extra thrilling to it.

Special Christmas Map

New Guns

The 2 new Guns coming to this season "PeaceKeeper(Assualt)" & "MP7 from COD Modern Warfare3(SMG)" these guns are already a part of other Call of Duty games and they are deadly in other versions of the game. Now we have to see how it's going to perform in Call of Duty Mobile(CODM)


Peacekeeper MK2

New Modes

  • December 2nd - 8th: Industrial Revolution Playlist(Multiplayer)
  • December 2nd Last two S12 Seasonal Challenges:
    • December 4th - 10th, Best of FTL (Multiplayer) A playlist collection of close-quarters maps
    • December 4th - 14th, Beast of Burden (Battle Royale) - This event released last week, it has 13 different Task that involves, Battle Royale Task, and has good rewards, and it includes the new Battle Royale Class - Refitter.
    • Launcher Plus Perk Seasonal Event "Rocket Til' you drop it"
      The new perk is Six-Part Seasonal Challange. if you have equipped this perk that means you will have one additional launcher ammo. That will be like you using two launcher shots in Multiplayer modes. I already have it, but those who did not still have a chance to get it in S12 Event "Rocket Til' you drop it" going to end in another 7 days, have check as soon as possible.

    • For Free to Play Player Seasonal Event "Take the Wheel"
      A six-part Seasonal Challenge will give you 
      What will you get: 
      Mechanic - Alarm
      Clown - Alarm
      RPD - Alarm
      Calling Card - The Falllen
      M16 - Bronze Arrow

  • December 4th, Credit Store Update

  • December 7th - 14th, Rapid Fire Mode (Multiplayer)
  • December 9th - 17, Nailbiter Featured Event (Multiplayer)

This is 10 parts even and you are going to get in this: 

  1. (Rare)Opps Spray
  2. Arctic .50 Alarm
  3. (Rare)Sniping Calling Card
  4. (Rare) Bronze Arrow - RPD

  • Bonus Point Featured event: In this event, you just need to complete a few tasks and you will get: 
1. (Uncommon) Frag Grenade - Mar
2. (Uncommon) Knife - Mar
3. (Uncommon) M4 - Mar
4. 100 Free Credits
  • December 11th - 19th, Steadfast Event(Multiplayer)
  • December 11th - 13th, Solo Shield(Ranked)
  • December 11th, The Void Redux Draw

Beta Server Release - Public Test Build
Call of duty has announced that they will be sharing Beta Server Soon, but they do not have officially announced the date when it is going to come.
This time lots of curious users are looking forward to it.

New BR Classes
Beast of Burden event has this new "REFITTER" class, which allows a player a deployable armor pack not just for him but also for his teammates in Battle Royale Matches, which increase their body, armor, and also vehicles durability!

Comics Update: 
Tank is Dead

Alcatraz is in doubt: 

Credit Store Update: 
(Uncommon)HG 40 Purple Geode - 1.5K Credits
(Rare)COrdite Upper Hand - 3K Credits
(Epic)Calling Card - Ghosted - 10K Credits
(Epic) RUS-79U - Strafing Run - 20L Credits

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