Premiered Call Of Duty Mobile: The Templar Skin

Hello Friends, Find My another YouTube upload on Call of Duty Mobile.
To all my friends who play Call Of Duty: Mobile Game, here is my premier video on the newly acquired Templar Skin, which I got through Dark Omens Draw. 
First 10CP I spent was for a Wing Suite, and then the Templar SkinšŸ¤©.

What's more in this video:
1. Templars Skin Demo
2. Gameplay Demo
3. Voice Demo
4. And the CODM Teaser of a UAV kind of device which is expected by next week.

People who want to join me can choose below: 
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As a beginner in the Streaming platform, I am doing multiple pity errors, I request you to share your feedback on them so that I will correct them faster and will come up with better content for my viewers.

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